moc on kindle

Hi there,

I just installed optware on my kindle 3 keyboard, and installed vim a and newsbeuter as well as mutt, now I only need moc and scree ;)

Anyone has installed moc on their kindle? I am a tad worry that it will pull a lot of library and dependency and not sure how it will work - anyhow if anyone has experience with it I would love to hear about it.

I'll post how it goes with my experiment if anyone is interested.

I'd be interested in hearing your progress. I managed to run current version of MOC on OpenWRT router - there were not so many libraries to include. You can consider disabling BerkDB (--disable-cache), unicode and many decoders (especially ffmpeg might cause problems). Also, you would need iconv support, I don't know if it is already present.

I use Slugs (Linksys NSLU2s) for odd jobs around the house, and SlugOS on them uses Optware packages. Based on packages I've built and installed on SlugOS, I don't believe that building any missing packages from source will be a problem for you.

I have long intended porting MOC to the Slugs (if only to shake out any new platform-related bugs), so I too would be interested in hearing tales of your adventure.