MOC and lyrics.. how to get lyrics from Lyvi ?


I just found on the net that lyvi should work with Moc to display the lyrics played from Moc.

Is that true ?

If yes, could anyone pls let me know how ?

Thank you very much in advance and take care.

Pierre from Switzerland

There appears to be no documentation with this package, but from what I can see in the lyvi code it seems it works independantly of MOC and just uses the mocp -i command to query MOC for the currently playing audio's tags then uses this to obtain the lyrics and display them. It's unclear where it gets the lyrics from, but there does appear to be a local cache involved.

So no specific MOC support or option settings are required and you can just run lyvi and it will do its thing. I haven't tried it, though.

Let us know how you get on; I'm sure others will be interested.

Hi and thx for the reply !

I didn't try it but you are right it works perfectly just with the lyvi scripts.

Now I just have to integrate the lyvi script in the conky to have the lyrics in my conky... no idea how to do it, but i gonna have a look.

Thanks and have a nice day

If you haven't seen that, there is also a dedicated Perl script for MOC to display lyrics in our contrib section:

There is also internal mechanism in MOC for displaying lyrics (completely separate from this script). I was thinking a bit about merging these two methods, so if you have any lyrics ideas, let me know.

Thx for the reply.

I had a try with the script but i couldn't find the half of what I was searching for because I listen to a style which is not really representative of "popular tracks" (why is death-metal not so popular ?? lol)

The internal mechanism (file text with the same name in the folder) was not really what I was looking for.

I gonna check in the lyvi script direction if I can adapt something and will come back here to share it.

I agree that internal mechanism is far from perfect and I really hate that convention that lyrics file is named the same as original track but without extension (eg. file called track.wav.mp3 would have lyrics in track.wav file...). I was thinking about making a configurable list of extensions for lyrics files.

Also, as not everyone is aware, MOC looks for lyrics file always when a new track is played (unless you explicitely disabled it in config). I don't think it is good practice. Lyrics files should only be accessed when user wants to see them :)

As for script: do you know that you can edit it to enable other lyrics providers (including google)? By default it uses only two. These providers also need correspondig perl modules.

I had a look on the scripts and just take away the commented other lyrics providers but I had difficulties to add the corresponding perl modules (got an error adding them following the given help).

Gonna try to do it once again, thx.