Sort by Tracknumber / Sort by 'FormatString'..


First off: I love Moc(p). It's awesome.

I'm wondering if it's possible to get a new feature added to sort by either the track number, or by that of the formatstring.

I've seen a few threads about the track number not being able to be done due to the way the threading works, but what about formatstring?

I've just set up mine like this:
FormatString = "%(n:%n %t:%t)"

And it would be awesome if I could sort it through the 'new' names..

Thanks :)

It's long been in my plans to overhaul the whole playlist area. I am planning on introducing multiple, dynamic playlists which will offer much more user customisation. There are still some design issues to be resolved, but they're slowly being worked through.

Sorting of playlists on tag values or other user-definable criteria would be included in that overhaul, but problems arise when dealing with stored playlists because that richness of information gets lost in formats like M3U. There was a posting which asked for zero-padded track numbers and developed into a much-improved format string patch, but it got stuck on the question: "Is it also supposed to work on playlists?"

That's not really offering much of an answer, except to say that sometimes apparantly simple requests reveal underlying complexities and inadequacies.


Thanks for the reply.

Hm, I see..

It's very complicated getting all of that information, and finding a way to _reliably_ sort it..

Perhaps later on, I'll actually read some of the source code, and check out if I can find anything..
(Incase you thought otherwise, I meant the 'folder' tab, not the 'Playlist' tab. If it makes a difference, I'm not sure.. Probably not. Playlist != 'dynamic playlist'?) Sorting the files based on the FormatString probably wouldn't be excessivley hard, to do as a 'quick patch', for myself, rather than a full 'clean code', sort of thing..

Anyways, thanks for the reply.

Oh, also, any hints for which file the sorting is done in? :P

Uh, nevermind. :)
I'll let you know if I come up with anything, for future reference if anybody asks the same question as me..

playlist.c:plist_sort_fname() perhaps?