Next search doesn't work


When I search with / and then press ^n, the cursor doesn't move...
I also tried to remap the keybinding for it but that didn't solve the problem.

I am using the latest beta version.

As far as I can see, the ^n (and ^g) keys don't do anything. I've looked at this before and could not understand what they would be expected to do given the way incremental searching works. I thought that maybe it makes sense to Midnight Commander users.

Ok. So, let's say I am searching a term, and there is multiple results. How can I go through the results? For example, how can I play the 4th result?

Right now I can only play the first search result, or I need to refine my search.

Also, I noticed something else:

I remapped "DOWN" to "j" and "UP" to "k". Now I can't type either j or k in the search..

How can I go through the results?

The up and down arrows work for me.

Now I can't type either j or k in the search.

That would be because you remapped them. What I find when I do that is that they can still be typed as part of the search string, but they do not implement the UP and DOWN functions. If they did, how would you then enter them as search characters?

Obviously you're trying to do something I'm not grasping.

I was trying to implement Vim keybindings for moving the cursor. So I replaced DOWN by j and UP by k.

Here is my keymap file:


I managed to fix the problem of moving the cursor to select search results. But I can't use j/k in the search. I even tried to use the default keymap, but that didn't fix the problem..

But I can't use j/k in the search.

Well, exactly. The problem here is that vi editors are modal and MOC (in this case) isn't (really). You just can't have it both ways; you can't allow character keys to enter characters and move the cursor up and down the currently selected files. The only way it can work is if non-character keys are used for cursor movement, and this is what the default key bindings do.