Problems with Android-friendly keymap

It would be so handy to control moc with a smartphone. Many of the keys that moc uses by default are very hard to access with the typical Android keyboard. I created a keymap file with these lines:
toggle_menu = w
toggle_menu = m
toggle_menu = TAB

(this is not the entire keymap file)

The TAB key still works to move the ?cursor? (if that's the term) between the 2 panels, and some of the other redefined keys work, but if I hit the w or m key, it just says "Bad command". Does anyone know why, or how to fix it? Yes, my ~/.moc/config file points to the keymap file, like this:
# Choose a keymap file (relative to ~/.moc/ or absolute path).
# Example keymap with description is included (keymap.example).
Keymap = /home/will/.moc/

You don't get very far with moc if you can't switch to the playlist panel. Thanks for any ideas.

I think what you mean to have in your keymap file is:

toggle_menu = w m TAB

But you have identified a bug in that MOC should have complained about your binding keys to a command more than once (which would be consistant with the configuration file's usage). That would probably have alerted you to the problem immediately.

Fantastic! Much appreciated.

MOC now reports an error on multiple attempts to bind a command: SVN r2568.

Another commit (r2570) also allows additional keys to be appended to existing (default or explicit) bindings for a command (using '+=').