Opening URL with an "unsupported format" causes infinite error (And Int overflow)


If somebody opens a URL with the button 'o' for something like "", it will cause an error "Stream error: HTTP response code said error", but it will also continue to try to open it after that error.
> (46!) Stream error: HTTP response code said error
> (120!) Stream error: HTTP response code said error

etc. etc.

Because of this, it takes up a lot of resources on not only the client, but also where it is going (It's literally the equivelant of doing while [1]; do curl ; done )

And because "queued_message_errors" is defined as a 32bit int, if we were somehow able to make that number go past 2147483648, it would cause a int overflow (just under extreme circumstances, lol.) -- It would take 9.72159 years, but it would work!!

If you have REPEAT still set while doing this then it's the same problem which was noted here.

I think if the user hasn't noticed the repeating error message after 9.72159 years then any resulting segfault would be classed as a mercy killing.