Game_Music_Emu support


It would be pretty cool if MOC had support for playing video game music via Game_Music_Emu library. Currently there are no pure console players that support this library, forcing me to still use Deadbeef. And I refuse to use VLC.

It just so happens that last week I committed support for a number of GME formats via the FFmpeg/LibAV decoder where those libraries are configured with libgme. Those will be included in MOC 2.5.0-beta2, which at this stage is scheduled for release in the coming week (finally!).

Another user is also working on a native MOC GME decoder.


Indeed, it would be great if mocp could play nsf and spc formats. I am using MOC 2.5.0 rev. 2668 (Debian), libgme0 is installed, and I am really looking forward being able to play all these classic, incredibly small chiptune files directly from my console.

MOC should be able to play those formats via FFmpeg since rev. 2599. You need to have ffmpeg library compiled with libgme support.