Corrupt mp3 freezes raspberry pi



when trying to play a corrupted mp3 file moc seems to crash, freezing the whole raspberry pi. Unfortunately no log files are saved. Everything just stops working so it's kind of hard to trace the problem. Since it only happens when I play this specific file until the corrupted part I assume it's a bug in moc.

All I can say is: The audio is played, some strange noise appears and then everything crashes. :o)

The lack of diagnostic capability will make this difficult to debug, and not knowing which version of MOC you're running makes it impossible.

However, I would suggest that the way forward is to diagnose the problem on a PC first. By doing that yourself you can continue to keep your MOC version top secret.

I have a similar problem. mocp freezes when I play mp3 or radio stream on the raspberry pi. It didn't happen before.

The version is the one on the raspbian repository (I think).
Version : 2.5.0-alpha4
Compiled with : OSS ALSA JACK DEBUG internet streams resample

I might suggest that you check debug logs (mocp -D) to give developers something to work with.

Also, upgrading to recent beta2 might be a good idea, since alpha4 is rather old and many bugs were fixed since that version.

Edit: check the solution posted here: