Any chance of GPM and X mouse support if its run within a term, and any chance of ASCII album art?


You've told me before that when it comes to console applications that graphics support
is one of the last things people are thinking about.

This a low priiority idea, but I still like my ncurses programs "appy". :)

I know of some really good C libraries for rendering art or graphics ASCII format,
that does it better then you'd believe.

Damn sorry about posting this in the wrong forum, should have posted it under wishlist. =/

I still don't think the Command Line User Enviroment application works with images (ASCII or not).

There is a step on the roadmap for enabling the GUI clients and Apps of other music players to also work with MOC, but it's in the future and may prove not to be possible.

I agree with ASCII art - it would be quite hard to fit in the current interface. However an option to run an external program and put output into one pane would be helpful. It could be used e.g. for lyrics or for AA version of cover. In graphical environment using notification deamons to display graphical cover is a way to go imho.

Mouse support would be nice, especially if it could work with touch support on phones (but as far as I know terminal emulators for android don't pass mouse events)