broken record syndrome


I have done a few installations without issue of moc and was
surprised recently to encounter a difficulty

On my past two installations I installed moc on Debian
Squeeze Foxconn nettop systems

The current system, a Foxconn nt i1500 is the subject of
my post.

I first installed the system with Debian Wheezy (7.1)
There is nothing else on the box except Debian and mocp

moc is configured to play an internet radio stream.

After a few hours, the system emits a "broken record"
sound : as if you are hearing the same sound repeated
endlessly, an uninterrupted 'stutter' if you will

I couldn't access the box over the network, and the symptom
could be resolved simply by unplugging and replugging the
network cable; similar I guess to resetting the network
interface (Realtek).

I tried configuring the system using the WLAN interface
(Intel) but the result was the same.

I reinstalled the box with Debian Squeeze (6.07)
and the result was the same, although the cable disconnect
method didn't change matters and this time I could still
access the system over the network

Any ideas ?



This problem has been reported to me by one other user and is also reported here as item 1.2. In that case it occurred in conjunction with this problem and frequent network errors may also have been a contributing factor.

You will appreciate that it is a difficult problem to diagnose remotely and I was hoping that fixing the surrounding problems might also resolve this one, but the result is as yet undecided. If you are able, you could try the latest MOC SVN revision (r2530) which has the aforementioned memory leak fixed and see if it also resolves the stuttering as incorrectly handled memory exhaustion would be one candidate cause.

But you do win the silver medal for being the second to report this.

2.5.0~beta1+svn20130411-1 is available in sid which contains svn r2529. If that helps?



After how many hours, approximately, does it occur?
What is the format of the streams you are playing?