^s like in midnight commander



I bet most of the users who enjoy this wonderful player also use midnight commander and mc folder navigation shortcuts.

I often find myself hitting ^s and starting typing first letters of folder hoping to navigate to it only to recall that it is moc, not midnight commander or norton commander either ;)

So could that kind of folder navigation shortcut be added to moc?

Meanwhile I mapped ^s to 'find' in moc so it more or less does the same - helps find the folder, but I suspect many new user coming from midnight commander will find it convenient to find same behavior out of the box.

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Hi Nick,
So you mean that 'search' functionality would just focus on the given line, not change the view of directory, right?

Yes, focus is moved to the first line that starts with the characters I typed after ^s Just like in mc

The current search functionality is pretty much similar to what you want, and it's even more flexible, I would say. Changing the default behavior would have rather big impact, especially for people relying on it...

Two search functions could happen, but I'm (and jcf is, from what he told me) not sure it's a good idea.

MOC is nice in being similar to MC (I like it a lot, too), but it's not the highest priority.

Hope it's not a big issue for you.

Thanks for replying. I've got used to standard search already. Just thought new users coming from MC world would welcome familiar shortcuts.