Invalid data found when processing input


When I try to play some mp3 files that used to work this message appears and it skips to the next song in the playlist. Most mp3 files still work fine and to me there doesnt seem to be any difference between the files that do work vs the files that dont. Tried playing the files that didnt work after copying them in a different folder and they still didnt work. I'm using moc 2.6_alpha3 on sabayon linux and moc-scrobbler. I installed MOC with the rigo file manager.

I guess you tried to play those "bad" mp3 files in some other player to make sure they were not somehow corrupted?

Yes and they work on audacious, mpv, vlc.

The question asked in such situations down the decades is: "What changed?"

What changed between when it used to work and when it didn't?

The message in your subject line comes out of FFmpeg/LibAV:

  • Which version of that library is installed?
  • Were there any "upgrades" to that library?
  • Can you play the files using ffplay/avplay?

A circumvention in your case depends on which libraries Sabayon Linux installs, but take a look at the PreferredDecoders option in the config.example file. You can use that to direct MOC to a different library for MP3 files (with the mp3 decoder using libmad being the obvious choice), but I'd still like to get to the bottom of the problem anyway.