crash sound after resume from pause


when resuming a music file that was paused for a bit of time mocp outputs a huge crash sound through the speakers. It usually occurs when the pause lasted for a minimum amount of time, maybe 30 sec and not always. I think it occurs only at first pause-resume during the play.
I'm using mocp since a year or a bit more and I experienced this problem since the beginning. I'm using mocp 2.5.1 in slackware 14.2 as shipped with.
I know no other music player that does a similar thing in linux. I did actually never see that ever before.

Does it happen with all file types or some specific ones?

Could you see if it happens with the current dev version (or even svn head)? If you compile Moc with debug enabled you could send a debug log which might contain clue.

I experienced this crash sound with all the formats I have tested so far, these are mp3, wave, and FLAC. Bitrates are 192 kbps for mp3 and > 2000 kbps, 24-bit for FLAC. As for the wave this is a cd rip done with cdda2wav.
I tested without and with another music programme outputting to the sound system at the same time mocp was playing. In both cases I can experience this problem.
Contrary to what I said previously actually this crash sound occurs even after a short pause of just one or two seconds.
Note that on my system pulseaudio is used by default and is handling the output of mocp. For the rest of the sound system it is alsa. When mocp is playing, it is shown with "ALSA Playback" label in pavucontrol.