OnSongChange not work

Hello, I have installed version 2.6 - alpha 3 on ubuntu-mate 17.10-64bits, Linux Ubuntu 4.13.0-16-generic and I can not get it to show me the song that is playing, in the file /home/javier/.moc/ config

OnSongChange = "/home/javier/.moc/mocshow% a% r% t"

and the mocshow script is

notify-send -i audio-card "$1" "$2\n $3"

This script is tested and works but is not released when the song changes in moc.
You know it may be happening.

Thank you

I see a typo in your OnSongChange - you have misplaced spaces: mocshow% a% r% t instead of mocshow %a %r %t. Please check if you have it correctly in the config file.

In the file is correctly, I attach a link to the config and the script.
I think it's all good.
Thank you


Hmm, now it looks like your script is caleld "mocshow.sh" but you try to run "mocshow".

Thank you, it was just that, the easiest and do not review it