the help screen


I would like the help screen fitted in two columns.
So I do not have to press the Page Down key several times.
Perhaps this is a problem with small monitors, I do not know.
With my monitor everything would fit in a single screen.
When this is a problem it would be nice when a single Page Down keypress would show the rest of the help at once.

I totally agree that the help screen needs an overhaul... it annoys me.

What I have in mind is dividing the monolithic list of keys with a first level list of key categories which access a second level list of key details (as now) for each category. I recently categorised the keymap.example as a first step in doing this.

Would that satisfy your requirements?

Help Screen is brutal. :-)

One mistake and it disappears. Only Arrows & PGDown. One line at a time...

Had to patch it somewhat, so I agree with JohnSmith.