Simple way to install on OSX?

Hi folks,

The instructions for installing on OSX that I've seen so far are all over my head - I know enough about Terminal to break stuff, so when I see instructions on GitHub I close the page and back away slowly.

What I did find though, is this: - tells me to install HomeBrew and then run 'brew install moc'.

I just want to make sure I'm not following instructions that give someone evil a way to hack my Mac. With the install command, can I be safe knowing that it's the actual MOCP application that gets installed, and not some hacked version? I.e. does it pull in the code from the correct source?



Hi, as a long time Mac user and a former Homebrew (the package manager) maintainer, I can vouch for the instructions at, though I find it shocking that they did not even bother to link to Homebrew's official website. The official website is here:, and I'd encourage you to at least skim through some docs first: (maybe start with the FAQ) before you install and use it. Working knowledge of the command line is highly recommended.