Trying to get MOC to autostart (in full screen) on Raspbian

If only i could get MOC to autostart on raspbian, i've given it 3 weeks of my time each night and cannot get it to work. I can start the program in my terminal and click through to the appearance i want it to have but I'm trying to get it to auto start 0 and also in full screen mode and 'undectorated' (in the terminal). I've been usingBash method, rc local....i've tried them all with 100% unsucess. Im not here to moan but can anyone offer their services for a 'donation' so i can put this issue to bed as I simply don't have the programing knowledge required.

here's hoping, regards. Sean

From what you're saying it doesn't seem to be an issue with MOC. It's probably related to the way raspbian handles things.

There are some people here using MOC on RPi, but you will probably have more luck asking that question on raspbian forums. In any case you probably would have to explain in more details what exactly you did and what didn't work.

Stick Around This Time

Now, we do have someone ("vectis") who knows much more about MOC on the RPi, but the last time I prompted him to assist you, you had disengaged so it was a waste of all our time. I will ask him to assist you, although he may be understandably disinclined to do so. But if you will stick around this time, I'm sure he can help.

That said, I agree with "tomaszg" that it's probably not a MOC problem.

I'm guessing that you wish to have moc automatically appear after your Pi has started (either in terminal or desktop) Is that correct?

That is a question that you would be better off asking in the Raspbian or Raspberry pi forums, as it is more specific to the device and the operating system than to moc.

A quick search also comes up with some guides on how to do this, like here:

If you are also trying to get moc to start with a specific layout (start directory, theme etc) then you need to give some more details as your post is a little vague.

thanks for the interest but i ended up paying a guy to write the code, it's cost me £20 but I'm happy, i was never going to get it to open Full screen and 'undecorated' (no menu bar) with my coding knowledge even though i dabble a bit. Thanks guys. Happy to pass on the guys info (privately) if anyone wants to go the route i did.