Is the project alive?

MOC version: 

Is it? No update for so many years and look how long I'm with mocp:
How can I change my nickname on forum?

I understand why you (and not doubt others) might think this, and I'm a little ashamed that it appears to have stagnated. I'm painfully aware that there is a backlog of outstanding maintenance tasks and I also have a number of functional enhancements and administative changes I would like to introduce.

But the problem is one of resources, specificly time. Over the last few years, I've increasingly found myself having to do (non-computer) things I shouldn't have to be doing. Finding any spare time to do the things I want to do has become rather difficult, and working on software maintenance and development is an activity which requires significant periods of uninterrupted time. While I may not be able to find that time to actively work on MOC, I don't stop thinking about new features and designing them is something I can (and do) do in my head while I'm having to do other, much more mundane things which don't require much thought.

So, does that answer your question? No, probably not but I don't believe MOC has died. I am trying to get there, and it's something I really want to do not only for MOC users but for the satisfaction I get from programming as well.

I am happy that moc is alive and still working for me as it has been working for all of those years.
I am sorry about your lack of time for some things, but that is well understood that life has its priorities.
Greetings and thx for the nick change.

As to your question regarding changing your nickname, I can see that you've gone to edit your profile. I can't see how you got to the edit panel, but I assume it was via 'My Account' on the 'User Menu' after logging in. I'm not sure why you haven't been change it, but I did have to disable new user registrations due to the increasing amount of spam the Forum was attracting. While I wouldn't expect that to affect editting of existing profiles, maybe it does.

If you can supply any further information on what's stopping you, I can try to look into it. Or, you can e-mail mocmaint with your new nickname and I'll change it for you (preserving the old password if possible).

Yes, I got to profile via My account, but there is no option to change nickname. Just password, email and timezone. Ok, I'll email mocmaint.