starting moc from the command line

This is probably a stupid question with a very simple solution, but here goes:
I've been playing around with the various command line options, but I haven't found a way to properly do what I want: from some other app (krusader/konqueror) start moc in a new console window, playing the selected file(s), and staying open. I.e. I want to be able to use mocp as the default media player, integrated with kde.
I can do one or the other, but not both:
xterm -e mocp somefile.mp3 opens moc alright, but it doesn't start playback, and
xterm -e mocp -p somefile.mp3 starts playback, but the interface closes down.
Other combinations seem to give variants of this behaviour. What am I doing wrong?

Did you tried this:
xterm -e mocp & mocp -p somefile.mp3

or creating script
<br /> xterm -e mocp &amp;<br /> mocp -p $1<br />

and setting into konqueror somefile.mp3?
I think that at least second variant should work every time.

Thanks, that worked.
However, now the terminals behave badly in various ways. In xterm and konsole, the interface is not drawn correctly; everything is a mess, and as the song plays, each new updated line (the timer, e.g.) gets a new line.
In mrxvt, I get the output: "mrxvt: Invalid keysym left. Skipping macro" and the same for keysym right. I have left and right defined to seek forward and backwards.
Any clues?

sorry no idea xterm/konsole/urxvt -e mocp works for me fine