UTF8 and arabic file names

first I want to thank you for this fantastic music player :)

I have arabic file names so i go to edit the config file and made this UseRCCForFilesystem = yes

and when I run mocp it give me this ~$ mocp
Wrong option name: 'UseRCCForFilesystem'.
FATAL_ERROR: Error in config file, line 136.

I don't know what's wrong here?!

Is there any way to display arabic filenames correctly?


This option is available only in the development version (MOC 2.5.0-alpha2). You must have the RCC library and compile MOC with it.

If your file names are encoded in UTF-8 and you are using UTF-8 terminal and MOC is compiled with ncursesw (ncurses with unicode support, you can check this with ldd /path/to/mocp) then RCC is not needed, it should just work.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer