moc 2.5.0-alpha2

Here is MOC-2.5.0-alpha2. It comes with 2 new decoder plugins, few new features and many bugs fixed. Most of the biggest changes were made by contributors (as you can see from the changelog). Unfortunately (for MOC) I have a new job in a new town and even less time to work on MOC. This is why the release is delayd and many bugs are not fixed (you can see them in the TODO file included with sources). Here is full list of changes:

  • Add SID plugin using libsidplay2. (Hendrik Iben)
  • Add Wavpack support. (Alexandrov Sergey)
  • Add support for GNU screen title. (Jonathan Derque)
  • The 'a' command can also add a directory to the playlist.
  • Add file duration %d (duration in xx:yy format) and %D (duration as number of seconds) options to OnSongChange command.
  • Add OnStop configuratipon option that allows to run an external command on Stop event.
  • OnSongChange reads tags from the cache.
  • Fix and a possible segfault when OnSongChange option is not defined and memory allocation functions usage.
  • Fix OnSongChange description in config.example.
  • Fix the A command for '..' directory (Debian Bug#416102).
  • Pass the environmential variables to the child process in OnSongChange.
  • Fixed a race condition when handling tags read to the tags cache.
  • Fix reading tags using tags_cache_read_add() in case when tags in the cache are not everything we need.
  • Fix displaying the playlist panel when the width of the terminal is an odd number.
  • Fix zombie processes (from OnSongChange) cleanup.
  • Fix a memory leak when handling OnSongChange.
  • Fix a crash when a file is precached and user requests playing a different file.
  • Prevent situations when two threads/processes reads tags for the same file at a time.
  • Prevent adding internet strams to the tags cache.


congrats on the new job and thanks for the update! sid play!


Good to see new dev. version ;) Oby tak dalej ;)

good to see new version, thanks for OnStop
successes in the new job ;)

Hi, is there a way to show only folders and audio-files (mp3, ogg, mp2, flac and so on)?