cmdline option for 'start playing but continue if already playing'


I've configured moc as my default player for audio and playlist formats in firefox. A simple script adds the downloaded files to the current playlist with the -a option. Now I'd like mocp to start playing these files, but not to restart playing from the beginning of the playlist.
It seems that the only way to start playing is using the -p option, but this also rewinds the playlist. Is there another way to do this ?\

Thank you,

There is no option to do that, you can only clear the playlist first from the command line using the -c option.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Wouldn't this be a sensible option to add in future releases ?

Yes, nice idea, I'll add it to the TODO list. Please don't assume that this means I'm going to do it in the nearest future :)

Damian Pietras - MOC developer


Better late than never I guess.

You can now steer the currently played file of the playlist with -p parameter.
mocp -p -- old functionality, rewind to first item and play
mocp -p l -- play (l)ast item of the playlist
mocp -p n -- play n-th item of the playlist
I will be sending this patch to mocmaints also.

Have fun :-)