Highlight track length

Hi, I've always wished for the track length (info) to be highlighted when marked/selected, so I tried and added a few lines to the code.
I think this should be implemented properly by someone who can actually programme but anyway here's a patch that does it unelegantly and that works with the current svn.
I really hope this gets done in a nicer way, thanks for looking into it.

Thanks, your patch looks OK, I don't think it can be done simpler, there are 4 possible states, so 4 attributes are needed.

There is a bug, when you go to the last item of a directory having the directory view and the playlist view enabled (like default configuration) and empty playlist (or only few items) and press the down arrow key, the background color switches to blue on the empty part of the playlist. I don't know what's wrong yet.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I've fixed the bug and want to commit your patch but I need your name to do that :)

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

... that you found that bug, it didn't occur to me.
Oh and congratulations to your great program by the way :)

Marc Tschiesche