[Feature Request] choose next playing song


Hi everybody,

I just noticed, there is a feature which is missing in every music player I know.

It is to choose a track to continue after the current one has finished, so you can skip some songs, if you don't like them.

In shuffle mode it would mean, to don't interrupt the current track _and_ choose to hear your favorite, or in normal mode, you could go to a specific part in your Playlist without changing it entirely.

I don't know if you would like this feauture, but I think it could be quite useful, in relation to the time to implement it.


Key "z" :) It doesn't do exactly what you describe. It only marks the song to be played next. After that song is completed the playlist continues at the previous point.

The configuration option "QueueNextSongReturn" in combination with user tomaszg's suggestion would cause MOC to come closer to what you want. (I'm not sure about its action in shuffle mode; experiment and let us know.) See the explanation in the example configuration file.

The only downside is that you can't toggle the option on-the-fly (yet).

Sorry, but I did not know about that feature. Wow. Moc is just great.

I did try it just now and it seems that moc continues to play at after the selected song.…

So it does work exactly as I want it to.