Notifications for gnome- shell


I made this little script in python to show the song that plays using gnome- notificacions .
I have tested on Ubuntu 15.10 with gnome- shell 3.18.2 .

If someone proves I would like to give me your opinion.

My email is

Donwload link

The file is no longer available for download. If it is a script why didn't you just paste it here or use something like

Edit: Ok, I got the file, but I don't see why do you want to use Python to do such a simple thing. Doesn't solution from work on Gnome?

In the scripts that I inspected the notification does not close automatically, it remains until you do manually. In this script notification it closes after a few seconds, the time until it is closed can be changed in the script

Then you should probably file a bug with your notification daemon or check your GNOME settings if it is so. Also note that using notify-send you can explicitly specify time :

t, --expire-time=TIME Specifies the timeout in milliseconds at which to expire the notification.

It is option does not work on Gnome-shell on Ubuntu

notify-send man page

-t , --expire -time = TIME
The duration, in milliseconds , for the notification to Appear
on screen . (Ubuntu 's GNOME Shell and Notify OSD Both ignore this parameter . )

No what happened to the file, upload it again.
The download link is

the new link is