Streams with non-constant sampling

There are radio streams with sampling frequency being switched from time to time: 44.1 -> 48 -> 44.1 and so on. I guess they are not doing resampling and tracks are playing as they are. MOC can not handle these right. After the moment change happened MOC is continuing to play stream with wrong pitch/speed.


I seem to recall seeing a comment in the code somewhere about this... but where? I might be more motivated to go looking if you'd replied to my e-mails to you following similar investigations of your previous problem reports.

I see only one e-mail. Were there more of them?

This was another one.

Don't take it personally; you're not the only one. But it is a significant resource-hogger when we put effort into helping people only to have it stall for want of a response. I'm sure you can appreciate that.

Thank you for the https link.

I found the comment I was looking for, but it was actually for changed bit rate not changed sample rate.

Implementing this is not really feasible at present because the changes involved would be quite pervasive. However, it would be possible after changes I had already thought about but postponed indefinitely for the same reasons.

So, unless I have a flash of inspiration (which does happen), the handling of changing sample rates is not going to happen any time soon (if at all).

Sorry 'bout that, Chief.