Working with the Playlist


Is there a opportunity to move a song to another position within the playlist?
For example, I´ve got a playlist with
1. song 1
2. song 2
3. song 3
4. song 4

now I want the following order:

1. song 1
2. song 4
3. song 2
4. song 3

Can I do this without clearing the playlist and re-adding the files in my favourite order?
Without this option, working with bigger playlists is nearly impossible for me... or am I just to stupid?

Beside this problem, moc is exatly what I was looking for... great work!

greetings from germany,

Just found another problem:

Can I add a song to playlist which is already in it?

No and probably there will never be such a feature.
Damian Pietras - MOC developer

Sorry for not replaying to this for such a long time.

It is possible with 2.4.0-alpha1
Damian Pietras - MOC developer