MOC 2.5.0-beta1 Released

I've started nearly every week for the last three months thinking that by the weekend the next release of MOC would be out. But each week, for one reason or another, it kept on not happening... until now!

It's been a long time in the making, but we're proud to announce the release of MOC 2.5.0-beta1. This version has been the subject of a great amount of development and consequently a great amount of testing, so we're expecting that the stable MOC 2.5.0 version will follow shortly. Of course, any reported problems will be investigated and fixed if possible before the stable release, but no new functionality will be added before then.

Changes in this release can be summarised as:

  • Autotools and packaging changes,
  • Improved support for embedded systems,
  • New and changed audio driver capabilities,
  • New and changed audio decoders,
  • Overhaul of the FFmpeg/LibAV decoder,
  • New and improved audio reproduction features and fixes,
  • General configuration file changes,
  • New and changed configuration file options,
  • New command line options,
  • Screen handling changes and fixes,
  • New and updated client interaction features,
  • Improved text entry history and editting,
  • Theme changes and fixes,
  • General code cleaning,
  • Significant bugs fixed, and
  • Many miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

See the included NEWS file for more details and the SVN log for exact details.

For this release we have created a new MOC Release Signing Key and the source tarball will be signed using this new key. The key is signed by both Damian Pietras (who used his key personal to sign the previous releases) and myself so that should go some way to assuring you of its authenticity.

pub   2048R/2885A7AA 2012-10-02
      Key fingerprint = 5935 9B80 406D 9E73 E805  99BE F312 1E4F 2885 A7AA
uid                  MOC Release Signing Key
sub   2048R/E6D3B213 2012-10-02

John Fitzgerald,
MOC Maintainer.


great,guys and girls
a long-term moc user
kind regards


GUI is still leaking

I am not sure if it is less severe than previous version. Currently, MOCP consumes between 40MB to 46MB. When MOCP starts up, it takes around 10MB. Keeping MOCP (Ncurses GUI) opened for a few hours will cause it to leak.

I did not open ticket for this problem because I do not think this is severe enough.

Note: Stable (2.4.4) is not leak.

Drip, Drip, Drip

I put a lot of effort into plugging all the memory leaks I could find under fairly severe testing on both my test suite and regular use, but my usage patterns will be different from yours. What is the mix of formats you're playing?

And yes, start a new topic.


Out of curiosity, why the ability to view MOC with more than one terminal was disabled?

This is what I get when attempting to open one more console with mocp

It Wasn't Removed

I can't reproduce this problem. Can you open a new Forum topic to track it and provide some more information on the steps which lead up to it (beyond just start MOC in one terminal then start another MOC is a second terminal).