"Post-track silence" or "pause between songs" for 2 seconds

Hi All,

Is there a way to configure mocp or use a plugin or something similar to cause a pause between each track in a playlist?

Ideally, I want to configure the length of the pause but I want to have a 2500ms pause between each track.

My use-case is to record mp3 tracks in realtime to a Minidisc recorder. The Minidisc recorder uses a gap of silence lasting about 2 seconds to auto-insert a trackmark.


(...and before you ask, yes I know it's 2013 but I still use Minidisc from time to time :-)

MOC puts effort into being gapless so introducing a gap is not something it can do right now. If you're able and willing to make copies of the MP3s then using SoX's pad effect (see the soxeffect manpage) might be the way to go. Another approach might be to create a playlist with a two second silent audio between each MP3.

Failing that I could supply a custom patch to do it if you already build MOC from SVN sources, but it'd be a blunt instrument.

Hi jcf,

Thanks for your reply.

I'd like to use moc for this so your patch would be good.

It would also be good to enable/disable the feature somehow (eg. a toggle).

Thanks again