2.4.0-beta1 released

2.4.0-beta1 has been just released. All features planed for 2.4.0 are implemented. Please test it.

New features:

  • Added m4a and aac to the list of extensions supported by ffmpeg.
  • Pressing n when nothing is played starts playing from the first item on the playlist.
  • A and --append can add files from playlists.
  • Selecting themes at runtime - T command (this does not change the config file).
  • Interface show the playlist after startup if something from the playlist is played (CanStartInPlaylist option).
  • Internet streams can be paused.
  • Reencoding id3 tags (mp3) using librcc. Initial patch by Alexey Gladkov.
  • Executing external commands, like 'cp %f /mnt/usb_drive' where %f is substituted with the path to the currently selected file.
  • Ogg plugin name was changed to vorbis.
  • Added RPM SPEC file. (Fredrik Rambris)


$ export LC_ALL=C; mocp -a http://oggtrial.nm.cbc.ca:80/cbcr1-toronto.ogg
Segmentation fault

hmm, i bet this is no good :(

Thanks, it also happens in my system. I'll fix it.
Damian Pietras - MOC developer

thank you. it seems to be fixed in cvs already. however I still cannot play the internet streams. got: FATAL_ERROR: Can't receive value from the server. any suggestions? thanks

I've found a small bug: After moving item which is currently playing by program the next played item will be not that next to the current position of moved item, but next to moved item when moc started playing it. (It's hard to explain even in Polish (: )

Thanks, fixed.
Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I installed moc (music on console) from opensuse website last november and when 1 click install. There was some problem in listening to shoutcast radio, I get the message "format not supported". Then I got mad and ffmpeg installed but that doesn't make any difference. In Simply Mepis it works no problem. Anycase some how its got well and its all fine. Now I boot into runlevel 3 and listen to music without starting x.

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Can you provide URL to the stream?

Damian Pietras - MOC developer