mocp can not display file names with multibyte character?

Thanks for the perfect work.
I am a chinese user. Under console, zhcon can display cjk file names well,but mocp displays the multibyte characters as "#". I use Debian etch, moc version is 2.4.1. I also compliled the 2.4.3 and 2.5.0 myself,results is the same. Is this a bug, or what should I do ?

I test 2.3.3 just now, this version is OK.

Version older than 2.4.0 have problem with detection of ncursesw (seems like algorithm for detection was changed) so you need to use configure option to override this detection and force it to compile with ncursesw.
I've had same problem with ID3 tags before I've find this solution.

When using the newest version, are you sure it's compiled with ncursesw, not ncurses? You can check it using ldd /usr/local/bin/mocp.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

new versions( >= 2.4.0 ) of mocp are linked with ncursesw. I did some testing else.
I want to play mp3 files on a NTFS partion, it seems have something to do with mount parameters and the locale.

Mount the ntfs partion with parameter "-o nls=gb2312",under locale zh_CN.gb2312, Version 2.3.3 can display file names correctly.Otherwise,for exmaple, nls=utf8 or locale zh_CN.utf8, 2.3.3 dose not work well.

Mount with parameter "-o nls=utf8", Version 2.4.3 work well under both locales; Mount with parameter "-o nls=gb2312", Version 2.4.3 dosn't work well under neither locales.

Version 2.4.3 can never display id3 tags correctly, but 2.3.3 sometimes can.