question about clearing playlist

perhaps the answer is obvious, but I simply cannot figure it out.

when I control-A to add an entire album, the songs are added to the playlist. If I control-C to clear the playlist during playback, the songs are cleared. Even though the playlist is cleared, once the current song is complete, I expect the music to stop (like most players) but the album keeps playing.

how can I clear a playlist and have it stop after the current song is done playing without having to manually stop the music?

What about sequence Control-C Shift-X instead of only Control-C?
Control-C will clear your playlist and then Shift-X will toggle AutoNext option so no next song will be played
that also means that you should press Shift-X again before new playing.

I'll try that. thanks.

That's one of things that differ MOC from other players. It has a hidden playlist, not directly managed by the user. That's why you can enter some directory, play a file, leave the directory and MOC will play other files from the directory you were in. When you clear the playlist, you don't clear the hidden playlist that was automatically created when started playing.

As I said there are no commands operating directly on the hidden playlist and there is no command to clear it.

Damian Pietras - MOC developer