OSS: Can't read from mixer

2.4.4 works fine with ALSA. Trying with OSS client display in red 'Can't read from mixer' and keyboard response is slow. However it plays. How to get rid of error message?

If you are using OSS4 i would recommend you to use the svn version of moc because some work has been done there to support OSS4. This bug still remains however. I've kinda fixed it by including the correct OSS4 "soundcard.h" version on my system.
I don't know if the path differs on other distes as this is at least where the correct file is on gentoo.
This doesn't solve the problem completely. Now i can get rid on the "Can't read from mixer" error by playing any file so that the program grabs a mixer channel from OSS4. And then I can stop playing the file and the error doesn't come back for as long as i don't kill/shutdown the moc server. However if I restart the whole program i get thousands of "Can´t read from mixer" messages and moc maxes out one of my cpus :P
Perhaps make it so moc doesn't read from the mixer before it opens OSS device? Or at least it shouldn't check so offen that it slows down computers to a crawl XD
/me crosses fingers that a dev will help me with this...

I've created a little "hack" that makes moc not check the mixer for volume before the playback has started. This eliminates the millions of error messages and maxed cpu on OSS4.

So 3 years later this post helped me and now hopefully anyone stumbling on it via google. Thanks!


Committed as r2420: Do not attempt to read from the OSS mixer unless open.