Ubuntu package, PLEASE!

There is no Ubuntu package for the latest release, 2.5.0-alpha4. The download page says:

"Debian packages
MOC is now in Debian unstable, so you can install it using apt-get.
For unstable releases, add the lines below to your sources.list:
deb http://www.lxtec.de/debarchiv unstable main
deb-src http://www.lxtec.de/debarchiv unstable main"

Click that page. It says:

"No more debs here
Changed 04 June 2009
There are no more packages available. moc and mutt can be fetched from the Debian servers. Else mutt compiled with sidebar patch can be build from Debian package, though. If one is interested in xv Debian sources please consider Debian unofficial."

Changed 04 June 2009. That's been more than one year! Can't someone please provide an Ubuntu package? I've been trying to compile source for 15 days now, with no success!


It has become a saga that would knock J. R. R. Tolkien down to sleep. Pretty please, with cherry on top or whatever!

The latest Debian Package is 2.5.0~alpha4+svn20091009-1+b1 and can be found in the Debian repositories.The latest Ubuntu Package is 2.5.0~alpha4+svn20091009-1build1 and can be found in universe. So what do you want more?


Webmaster of lxtec.de and maintainer of Debian's moc.