Support to show specified file types


Is there a way to make mocp show other filetypes, like .avi ?

I have created a executeCommand = mplayer %f .

I know it is a music player. But if I could specify other file types then it would be a neat multimedia player for me.




I also think it's a good idea to be able to play audio from whatever the file.
I wonder how hard would it be to employ e.g. ffmpeg to open a video container with an audio stream and playing it, that means, MOC would be doing the task itself.

Support for a number of video formats has been added to the FFmpeg
decoder plugin by SVN commit r2408: AVI (from FFmpeg 0.6), FLV,
MKV, MP4, REC and VOB. Others are easily added but the FFmpeg
support (including seeking) would need to be fully tested.

Note that autoprobing was attempted but the results from FFmpeg were
too unreliable to be viable.