MOC Theme question


I LOVE MOC! Thank you Damian!

How can i change the setting for a selected file? I dont want to change the trackname itself (this is done through `selected file`), i want to change the color of the duration and the format field. Its a dark blue (like rgb(0,0,255)) by default. Let me show you, what i mean:

MyMedia/ ││ $TRACKNUMBER /path/to/my/track.ogg [$DURATION|$FORMAT]

I want to change the color of $TRACKNUMBER, $DURATION and $FORMAT, wich are enclosed in brackets. I want to change the color of the brackets also. I looked through the themes and couldnt find one that changed these values.

Thanks in advance!

i found out that the settings are controlled though

info white black normal

when i add

marked_info green black bold

i dont get an error for reading the theme file, but nothing changes. Is this is a bug?!