Infinite replay loop

Hi All,

I've noticed that when i use Replay, the replay function is not infinite. it stops after a while. What i need is an infinite loop and in shuffle mode. Is this possible?

A little more info might help me get the answer:-) So here goes:

What i have noticed is that when i toggle Shuffle and Replay, it plays a while in that mode certainly a few hours, but at one given point it just stops playing. I can't find out why.

I want it to play continous, as the server is unmanaged(normally).

Can someone please shed a light on this one?

I have today committed two patches (r2435 and 2346) which together
probably resolve this problem (assuming it's a resource exhaustion

I have this exact problem. Still mocp fits my use case perfectly so I kindly ask what do I need to do get latest + above 2 patches to enable continuous play?

I have since discovered that the problem is not due to resource exhaustion and so it still exists.

Sorry, you may have to wait a little longer for a solution.

Okay, thanks for replying!

For me moc 2.5.0-beta1 fixed this. Now it's been playing almost a week not stopping ever since. Great work & MOC rocks!