(More) MOC on Mac OS X -- Homebrew

So about a week ago, I tried MOC out for the first time, on ArchLinux. I was pleasantly surprised by what it did, and wondered if it was available for my desktop computer that I normally work at, which is currently a Mac Mini running 10.9 Mavericks. Trying to take the easy way out of things, I looked to find out if there was a Homebrew formula for it, which there wasn't.

So I wrote one. The past couple of days have involved me poking around at the jack formula, and writing the MOC one. It supports both 2.5.0-beta1 and the svn HEAD.
Maybe if I had seen AzizLight's post it would have made things a little easier >.>

It's currently in a pull request, and not yet in the homebrew master branch, but feel free to download the formula, test it, and tell me if there's anything I can do to improve it.

Thanks! :D

It's been merged in!