Icon for MOC - Contest?!


I would like to have an icon for MOC in the menu in order to start it in an xterm window. I know how to do this on my own, but I can't find a suitable icon.

So why not start a little contest to find an official icon?

I had occasionally thought of running a MOC logo contest, but couldn't really think of anywhere it could be used in a console-based program. But a menu item icon is a good enough idea to have one.

So, any submissions are welcome.

So I want to break the ice. This is my submission: link (Dropbox)

When I first looked at your MOC logo, I liked it. I still like it.

I wonder what it would look like with the lettering stamped into a brushed metal surface. Would you be able to produce one like that?

I made a grey one and added it to the Dropbox folder above. That is the only thing I am able to do with Inkscape at the moment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I like the grey one more and it is close to your idea. Perhaps someone else is able to produce an icon with a brushed metal surface or has a better idea.

I really would like to see, that a MOC installation creates a desktop file with nice a icon.

I've just spent ten minutes trying to figure out how to download from Dropbox, but all the links go round in circles. Speaking of contests, Dropbox's interface has to be a strong candidate for "The Most Poorly Designed User Interface of All Time" competition. Sometimes I can figure it out, but it's inconsistant.

So, why not do me a favour and just e-mail the PNG to mocmaint?

No problem. I send it to you.


Google Photos link might stop working... imgur?


Not really what I had in mind, but interesting nevertheless. It looks like a very watery alternative to what I had in mind. Shall I add it to the collection?

I'm thinking I'll really need to find an example of the sort of surface I was thinking of.

Might help. In the meantime, here's another try:



And the source svg in case you want to pull it into inkscape:


Personally I found this an awesome idea, would be too early to drop the icon files in your trunk?
Maybe a desktop file, something like this:
#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Music On Console
Comment[it_IT]=Musica In console
Exec=mocp -T ~/.moc/moca_theme

(at least this is mine, but if you decide to go for it, start
from this, and do whatever you want).
If you need help for system integration, (menu entries, sys tree integration, appstream metadata, and so on, just tell me.)

My plan is to bundle up the icons (and maybe scripts) into their own tarballs and place them on the site for downloading in the same manner as is currently done for themes. Maybe I'll combine them into a single contributions tarball but probably not. I don't think they should be part of the code repository, except for the single "official" icon I have in mind.

I've had that plan for some time now, but still haven't managed to squeeze it into the schedule. It's actually a "Plan B" as I had originally intended to curate and maintain them properly, but now I intend to just make them available on an "as is" basis and direct any issues to the original contributor for resolution.

Very good plan.
I can assure you that e menu entry for an app, and a graphical integration,
will raise the installations amount, but this doesn't mean more bug reports for you
actually,( or more work for you), IMO you'll going to deal always with the maintainers, since moc is well
maintained across distributions.
So for any kind of help,please mail me.