mocp fails to to due to empty /etc/popt.d


Hi all,

this issue has been reported in Fedora 23 by RPMFusion bug tracker:

$ mocp

WARNING: The following fatal error message may be bogus!
If you have an empty /etc/popt.d directory, try
adding an empty file to it. If that does not fix
the problem then you have a genuine error.

FATAL_ERROR: Error reading default POPT config file: No such file or directory

MOC seems need an empty file in /etc/popt.d to work.
MOC's executable file is effectively linked to library but does it really need it?

I discovered that POPT required a file in /etc/popt.d which is why I added that explanatory message. I thought my message was clear on the cause and the remedy; is that not the case?

Honestly, I never seen it before by using MOC; maybe /etc/popt.d/empty_file was already there for some reason.
Do you think it's better make an empty file during building process?

I don't think we want to add empty files for all MOC users just to defeat a library bug which affects a small number. I still think the instructions given in the original warning are sufficient to allow the user to resolve the problem themselves.

Which popt version is affected by this bug?

Version 1.16 (which is the current stable version).

A bug report was filed with the POPT maintainers.