error at configure

I'm getting the following after running configure with 2.6-alpha2:

MOC will be compiled with:

awk: cmd. line:1: Unexpected token
./configure: line 29590: test: -le: unary operator expected
Decoder plugins: flac mp3 sndfile
Sound Drivers: OSS ALSA
DEBUG: yes
RCC: no
Network streams: yes
Resampling: no
MIME magic: yes

It goes on to compile without further errors, though I do have a runtime problem that I will post later.

This is being compiled on a Nokia n810 tablet.

Hmmm... The only thing I can think of here is that the shell used on the Nokia n810 tablet does not implement backticks (`...`). That would be surprising because backticks are ancient. What shell does the n810 use?

What do you get if you execute the following in your shell?

echo `echo 'flac mp3 sndfile' | gawk '{print(length)}'`

(Yes, echo is echoed.)

Thanks for the reply. It seems to be the installed busybox version of awk that is causing the issue, I have now compiled and installed gawk and the error message has now disappeared.

I've now determined where the Busybox awk differs from gawk and have committed a fix (r2866 on 2.6 and r2867 on 2.5). You should now be able to revert to Busybox's awk if you wish.