Greek characters

Using mocp under openSUSE 42.3 64bit. Is there a way to display Greek characters in the titles?

MOC is known to be weak on non-ASCII character sets. You might try playing with the LANG and LC_CTYPE environment variables.

Theoretically, yes... but I'm not able to do it. (Maybe my example mp3's file tags are broken...?)

You could always switch to ReadTags = no and it seems to work, but I guess that's not what you want.

Works for me. I did try Greek characters, along with some Farsi, Chinese, Cyrillic and Hindu. Some interface kinks might show (e.g. misplaced lines) but the characters show correctly. You may have problems with tags encoding. I was using Musicbrainz Picard to write tags.

Are you using a recent version of MOC?