MOC looks great for me but can I run it?

Hi all, I'm pretty new to things outside MS windows but have been messing with a RaspberryPi3 and 7" touchscreen + soundcard and have yet to find a player that is working for me. I simply want the contents of my USB stick to play when plugged in locally to my Raspberry Pi3 and hopefully MOC looks like it may be what i'm looking for. Can anyone tell me if I can run MOC on my Pi3 and if so point me towards what I should be installing and doing to get it up and running please?
I have installed Noobs before and i've installed images on my SD card - that's how far i've got with other Linux players. Unfortunately the 3 players i've dabbled with have not worked as they were client/server setups. Any pointers or help apreciated thanks.


I believe you can use it on RPi3, but myself, I never used it, so I don't know how to install it. Many users reported some degree of success with it, but there may be some issues (for example just few days ago somebody reported this bug

moc should run fine on a Pi, but how you install it will depend on what Linux distribution is on it (Raspbian perhaps?)