Have Internet Radio working, struggling to save url though

MOC version: 
2.6 Alpa3

Hi, as it says i'm happy to get my radio through MOC and have tried using the ^u code to save the url (to the playlist?) and am having no joy. The radio is playing fine but i just get 'bad command' when I input ^u

Can anyone give me a steer please as i've searched it but can't make it work, what am i missing?


You do realise that '^u' means "control-u", don't you?

If you do and that's what you're keying, check your keymap file (to be found in your share/doc/moc/ or ~/.moc/ directories) to see if the '^u' line still maps to plist_add_stream.

many thanks JC, no i did not know ^ meant control :-) thanks for that, it's on the playlist now, great.

C-u (Ctrl-u) should add a given URL to the playlist (if it's valid). If that's not the case, you could try running help ("?") key and see if ^u is indeed mapped to this command. In my case, I can see that there's the line saying:

^u Add a URL to the playlist using entry

...and it works for me.

thanks for the help, my own limited understanding at work here, nothing more. cheers.