MOC Error - Ubu 9.10 with Sound settings.

I found an error when i was setting sound level more than 100% [new option in Ubuntu 9.10 Gnome 2.28.1].

mocp: interface_elements.c:3436: iface_set_mixer_value: Assertion `value >= 0 && value <= 100' failed.

What is setting the sound level to more than 100% supposed to do ? Is this for sound amplification ?
Which sound system are you using (ALSA, OSS, Jack) ?
MOC assumes 100% is the maximum you can get - I would believe this is a sane assumption; but then Ubuntu strikes again... :-P

Thanks for the report, fixed in SVN.
Hiben: it seems to be additional software volume boost.

My knowledge is still limited, but i hope to help people that just like me
have no or little understanding and for whom all the techno talk occurring in GNU/Linux forums creates more confusion then solution.

Here is my take on the situation :

MOC have restrictions on the playing level and will crash if the level exceed 100% unless you can compile and install it with with a no debug flag, in witch case the end behavior cannot be predicted. this is why it will crash in debug mode.

I didn't understand why it wouldn't launch, and had to resolve myself to use another software.

What i didn't realize, since i didn't understand the problem fully, and what i didn't see explained anywhere (reason why i am writing this comment), is that is it possible to just lower the volume with alsamixer and MOC will launch properly.

This might sound has an obvious solution to most savvy english speaking MOC users but this comment is aimed at the new users, so that they may not give up on MOC to soon.

If you really need to use MOC out of normal range, then this comment is not for you and you probably know what you are doing better then me.

In the dark even the simplest solutions can elude someone.

I hope i was help full to someone.

Keep using MOC it is a great software and deserve more attention !