Arbitrary track metadata in status line (OSX)

MOC version: 

Is it possible to display any arbitrary track's metadata in the status line?
For example sample rate, bits per sample, copyright, encoder, etc?

No, there is no such possibility (other than manually hacking the source code). From what I remember there is some work under way in this direction but it is not ready yet.

I do have in mind the ability to summon a pop-up panel which would
contain such information, but there's a lot of other functionality
which falls into the category of intent and progress is slow.

Although I would personally prefer a configurable status bar, where I could set what tags exactly I want to have displayed.
But I do not know how much work would that involve.

I did have in mind an expandable status area which the user could configure using an analogy with bricks. Each brick contains a particular piece of data which the user can place side-by-side and row-by-row until they have build the status panel they would like.

But very variable length data introduces a problem which could cause that brick wall to fall over.

I still think an expandable status area is a good idea (given the shortage of screen real estate on which to display data), but the brick idea is probably more effort than it's worth and there are more widely-useful features on which my (currently) limited time could be spent.