Problem with mocp local view

when I use mocp locally border lines, are made of arrows.

(Here are two example images)

When I use mocp by SSH i looks fine and lines, are normal.
I tried many TERM settings, but i did not find solution of this problem.
Do you know where could be solution?


You mean ssh localhost or ssh to another machine?
Do other programs like mc look OK?

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

When I ssh from another machine to this pc (where is problem with lines) in ssh terminal it looks fine. If I ssh locally, problem is the same.
I did not have MC on this pc, but I have just merged it, and with MC is the same problem.

You may try the -A option to have better looking moc. If mc looks bad, so it's your's terminal problem and I can't help (mc doesn't even use ncurses like moc, so it must be a terminal problem). Just curious, what's your operating system and whet echo $TERM says?

Damian Pietras - MOC developer

I have Gentoo and TERM standard = linux. In screen TERM = screen.linux.
On another machines mocp works with this terms.

I found solution!
Problem was in font. I have had "iso02.16". When I changed it to "lat2a-16" mocp and mc started looks fine.