MOCP no sound & freezes with update to OSX 10.9.3

Messed the sound or some config with the last update to OSX 10.9.3 :( and missing moc completely. Now no more moc and missing my fav player.
When mocp server runs mocp --info shows usual output also.
It shows jackd process is running when check with ps aux | grep jackd.

Leaving it in that running state for some secs it freezes completely. When try to rerun the server it shows mocp pid still exists and FATAL_ERROR: Server exited!. Last option always kill the server and clean the pid.
What did I missed

mocp --version
Version : 2.5.0-beta2
Revision : Unversioned directory
Built : Feb 28 2014 22:32:54
Compiled with : JACK DEBUG Network streams resample
Running on : Darwin 13.2.0 x86_64

Once again, you need to post a bit more. Try running the MOC server in a separate terminal/window as mocp -SF and tell us what the last few messages of the log say.

Nothing further heard. I did refer this problem to another OSX user but evidently he did not see fit to respond.