Are We Nearly There Yet?

Those of you who have been watching the SVN HEAD might have had the feeling that not much has been happening over the past six months. But over that period many, many hours have been spent interrogating under bright lights those historical bugs which remained in order to fix as many of them as possible before the release of MOC 2.5.0.

Many bugs were fixed but unfortunately there are several bugs which have run away too fast to catch or which are of low impact and for which the fixes developed are potentially too disruptive to introduce this late in the release cycle.

The new problems which are being reported now are largely single-user failures in extraordinary conditions for which MOC is often not the prime suspect. Therefore, unless some show-stopping bug emerges from its hidey-hole, what is now the current SVN HEAD will be released in a week or so (with only additional administrative patches) as the stable MOC 2.5.0.

In order to shorten the release cycle (and not prolong my own frustration at not being able to move on with MOC 2.6 development), I am not releasing this as another beta. That decision may come back to bite me, but I'm feeling fairly confident it won't (and if it does there's always 2.5.1). I would encourage those of you who have helped in the past with pre-release testing to checkout the current SVN HEAD for a thorough thrashing over the next few days.