MOC 2.5.0 Released

It is said that the longest journey begins with the first step, but it also ends with the last step and this is the last step on what has been a very long journey indeed.

Well, finally, it's here! MOC 2.5.0, the stable version of the MOC 2.5 release series, "Consolidation".

Here is a summary of the significant changes since the 2.5.0-beta2 release:

  • Better handling of huge and broken files
  • Improved (drastically in some cases) the accuracy of AAC durations
  • Screen handling improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed various crashes, freezes, assertions and aborts

All users who intend to move forward to future MOC releases should now upgrade to this release as it introduces a number of changes providing support for future features, and transitional guidance to help you migrate from previous releases to future releases. Users who have reported bugs in the past are requested to update the relevant MOC Forum topic with results from this release.

The 2.4 release series of MOC is now no longer supported. Please upgrade to at least version 2.5.0 before reporting bugs or requesting new features. If you do not give the MOC version number (and preferably the revision number as reported by the --version option) your bug report may be ignored.

A big thank you is due to all those who contributed ideas, patches and bug reports, and provided testing for pre-commit patches. An extra thanks those who helped refine ideas for new features and their implementation.

And finally, thank you to the MOC user community for their patience in waiting for this release. In the future, we hope to issue releases with a fewer patches more frequently.

The next MOC 2.6 release series ("Usability") will focus on user-visible features and extend the control users have over MOC.

John Fitzgerald,
MOC Maintainer.

[Many bugs were harmed in the making of this release.]